Fresh. Simple. Flavorful.

Simply put, we’re here because our founder, Jacob Frese, long-time restaurateur in the fast casual Mexican category, wanted to provide NW Arkansas with fantastic, flavorful, and memorable tacos! So he stepped up to the plate…um, literally.

Our menu is based on simplicity, but simple isn’t easy. It takes hard work to find those special things that make you different from everybody else. That's why at Taco Jake’s we provide simple, fresh food, with complex flavors.

You have to make stressful decisions all the time, but you don’t have to here. In fact, there is no thinking required, only eating. We don’t bombard you with options and we don’t complicate things because there is more joy in the simple things in life.

You can trust that our simple works and that our ingredients are always fresh, making eating easy so you can exercise your stomach instead of your brain.

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Want to work at Taco Jake's?

How do you know if you’re a good fit?

Good question. Easy answer.

You like tacos. 

You like having Sundays off. 

You like having a life. 

You like great full-time benefits. 

You like making an above average salary.

You like working with happy people. 


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403 Hwy 412 W
Siloam Springs
Arkansas 72761